Project title: Programmable Enzymatic Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds

The aim of this project is to devise a conceptually novel and general platform that will deliver a step-change in complexity of de novo biosynthetic pathways by moving from manual to automated design, build and test. We have identified three bottlenecks that will need to be overcome to build an effective ProgES platform i. Increasing the diversity of structures accessible through biocatalysis by incorporation of C-H activation for early and late stage functionalisation. ii. Fast analytical methods to improve throughput and timescale. iii. A dedicated bioinformatics platform that can harness the technology already developed for chemical and biochemical synthesis and incorporate them into an effective tool for automation for de novo biosynthesis. As proof of principle the ProgrES platform will be used to generate a diverse library of imino sugars of unprecedented complexity.

Contact for further Information: Professor Sabine Flitsch:

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