Principal Investigator

Flitschlab - Group Members - Sabine Flitsch

Prof. Sabine Flitsch

Professor of Chemical Biology

Sabine heads all group projects, spanning from glycoscience and glycoenzymology to industrial biotechnology.

Group Management

Postdoctoral Scientists

Flitschlab - Group Members - Joanne Porter

Dr. Jolanda van Munster

BBSRC Future Leader Fellow

Jolanda is a BBSRC Future Leader Fellow, working on elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism underpinning interaction of Aspergillus niger with wheat straw.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Nicholas Weise

Dr. Nicholas Weise

Teaching & Research Associate / Public Engagement Programme Manager

Nick teaches biotechnology, biosynthesis and nucleic acid chemistry and manages outreach contributions from the group, as well as being involved in various research projects.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Peter Both

Dr. Peter Both

Research Associate

Peter is working on the discovery of glycozymes for biosynthesis and functional studies of medically-relevant glycans. His work is funded by the IBCatalyst Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries project.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Fabio Parmeggiani

Dr. Fabio Parmeggiani

Research Associate

Fabio is working as a synthetic chemist on the speciality glycans project.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Christopher Gray

Dr. Christopher Gray

Research Associate

Chris is involved in the development of novel whole-cell biocatalyst screening technologies using mass spectrometry. Chris also works on ion-mobility mass spectrometry methods for characterizing carbohydrates.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Fabio Parmeggiani

Dr. Lorna Hepworth

Research Associate

Flitschlab - Group Members - Fabio Parmeggiani

Dr. Nico Kress

Research Associate

Nico is working on designing P450 catalysts by application of enzyme modelling tools towards the acceptance of novel substrate classes for the synthesis of fine chemicals. His project is funded by the ProgrES ERC grant.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Fabio Parmeggiani

Dr. Kun Huang

Research Associate

Doctoral Candidates

Flitschlab - Group Members - Jack Manning

Mr. Jack Manning

4th Year

Jack is developing cytochrome P450-catalysed reaction steps for incorporation into in multienzymatic synthetic cascade. His project is funded by CoEBio3.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr. Edward Pallister

3rd Year

Ed is learning how to fabricate glycan arrays and new mass spectrometry techniques to enable translation of his skills in Years 2 and 3 at A-Star in Singapore.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr. Andrea Marchesi

2nd Year

Andrea is working on the H2020 Marie Curie funded project “GlycoVax” and his PhD is focused on developing new enzymes for glyco-based vaccines.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr. Ashley Mattey

2nd Year

Ashley is part of the IBioIC CTP programme. He is working on deexpanding the selectivity and specificity of galactose oxidase enzymes (GOase) towards bioactive saccharide products. He will complete industrial placements at Prozomix Limited and Bio-Shape Ltd.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr. Gergory Bulmer

2nd Year

Greg is supervised by Jolanda van Munster and is supported by the EPSRC Studentship programme. His PhD focuses on characterising the enzymatic breakdown of lignocellulosic biomass by the fungus Aspergillus niger.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Miss Bethan Jones

1st Year

Bethan is working with cytochrome P450 enzymes as a means of late-stage functionalisation within multi-enzymatic synthetic cascade.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr Max Lubberink

1st Year

Re-tasking of Carboxylic Acid Reductase (CAR) to new chemistries.

Flitschlab - Group Members - Edward Pallister

Mr Grayson Ford

1st Year

Grayson’s research is currently based on production of multi-enzyme cascades for the synthesis of bioactive compounds. This currently focuses on a GOase-IRED cascade, and he will then work towards engineering CARs for the production of amino aldehydes.

Research Active Alumni

Professor Rein Uljin CUNY Advanced Science Research Centre, New York, USA.

Professor Iain Wilson BOKU, Vienna, Austria.

Professor Josef Voglmeir Nanjing Agricultural University, China.

Professor Gideon Grogan University of York, UK.

Professor Roslyn Bill Aston University, UK.

Professor Helen Osborn Reading University, UK.

Professor James Dowden Nottingham University, UK.

Professor Elaine O’Reilly Nottingham University, UK.

Professor Paula Booth King’s College London, UK.

Professor Juana Reyes Martinez Guanajuato University Mexico.

Dr Anthony Green The Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, UK.

Dr Anne Routledge York University, UK.

Dr Derek Macmillan University College London; UK.

Dr Martin Weissenborn Institut of Technical Biochemistry, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.

Professor Antonio Sanchez Ruiz Universidad de Castilla~Le Mancha

Dr Dominique Richardson University of Helsinki

Dr Daniel Pienaar University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg